What My Meal Prep Looks Like

Hey Folks,


It’s dawned on me recently that people learn a lot from when others show what they do. Since you trust us, over the next few weeks I am going to post videos of my meal prep habits and foods to give you an idea of what I eat week in and week out to stay on top of my health.


I personally find meal prepping to be the cornerstone of my nutrition gains. It started out small, where I meal prepped just for my breakfasts each morning and suddenly developed into almost all my meals for the week.


Now I do live in modern times and do go out to eat/order out. However, by meal prepping I don’t search for foods or make choices that would be less nutritious for my body. As a result, its just the opposite. I find that I try to stay aware as much as possible when it comes to eating and putting food in my mouth.


Below is a series of videos that I have made and that you can use as a resource/inspiration for your own meal prepping ways.


In effort to keep this simple I will only load the Protein ones this week and then the following I will load the other Macro Nutrients.


If you have any questions, please feel free to hit us up on Facebook at Core Principles Strength and Conditioning or at our email at




-Coach Jim

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