Why Do You Eat?

Why do you eat?


It may seem like a pretty simple and easy question right?


Some of your answers may be, “Because I am hungry.” or “Because my body needs energy.”


Eating becomes somewhat of second nature to us. It is a good thing because we have plenty of food available, we don’t need to hunt for our next meal, and because it is what we have done our whole lives.


While this can be good this can also be not so good. Since it is so easy for us we sometimes ignore patterns with food and do things subconsciously.


I want to tell you a quick little story.


A few weekends ago I was planning on having a quiet weekend, the past few weekends were super busy for me so I just wanted to relax.


Fortunately I got what I wanted, I had no plans and had the whole weekend to myself. Come Saturday night, both of my roommates go out so I am home alone with nothing to do.


I was just watching some TV and really wanted to order some food. I wasn’t really sure why I wanted to order some food because I had plenty of food already cooked in my fridge and all I had to do was heat it up.


I tried sitting with this feeling for a little before acting on it. I tried something we like to call Notice And Name.


I tried to look at the situation and ask myself why I wanted to order food.


Was I hungry?


Yes I was hungry but I had food in my fridge so that is not the true answer.


I started to think about how I felt, I was alone, and I finally had some time to myself to unwind and thought that food would help me achieve that. I started to think, while I may feel “good” while eating my food how would I feel after?


The answer to that question is probably not so good. I would know I made a decision that didn’t align with my goals.


I asked myself how I would feel if I just ate the food in my fridge?


The answer to that was “Better than I do now.” I would feel satisfied but I would also feel good that I made a decision that better aligns with my goals.


There are two big take a ways I want you to get from this post.


1. Notice and Name


There are many different triggers that may cause us to eat and they are a little different for everyone. Maybe you are stressed, upset, lonely, bored, excited whatever it may be. Certain emotions can cause cravings.


Next time you get one of those cravings I want you to try to slow down and ask yourself how you feel. Try to understand the situation you are in, and your emotions.


If you can sit with those it may be easier to avoid making decisions that don’t align with your goals.


Even if you do overeat, or indulge in certain foods, if you are able to notice your feelings it may help you next time you face a similar situation.


2. Accountability


Accountability is a word we say over and over again because it is so important.


Right now I am currently getting coached on my personal nutrition. Just like everyone else I know what to do, I just need help getting it done.


I knew that if I ordered food I would have to explain to my coach on Monday what happened.


Now I am not saying this as if I am afraid of my coach or that he would be mad at me if I did order food but I did not want to let him down. I knew that on Monday I would have to check in with him and I want to feel good about my check in.


Try getting an accountability buddy. Even if it is a friend, a co-worker, or family member, explain to them your goals, and try to set weekly check ins so you have somewhere there to support you.


If you need some help dialing your nutrition and need someone to help hold you accountable on your pathway to success shot us an email at or give us a call @ (203) 914-6396.


-Coach Pat

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