Why You Should Fail

Today we are going to talk about failure.


We are going to talk about why you probably should fail.


Failure is important because without failure we will never grow and get better.


The reason this is on my mind today is that we just started a new workout here at CP Personal Training.


Whenever we start new workouts chances are there are a few exercises people have never seen before. This month one of these exercises is a single-leg deadlift.


If you have ever done these before they are extremely hard and require a ton of balance, and since we work with people exclusively 50 plus, balance is super important.


When I showed everyone the single-leg deadlift I was pleasantly surprised to watch so many people give it a shot.


Without a doubt, people felt a little uncomfortable, off-balance, and struggled a little.


Why is that you may ask?


Because I knew that this was brand new and I didn’t expect it to be perfect and that was okay!


Since people were struggling I knew they were challenging themselves appropriately and they were going to get better.


If you have played sports in the past or are a sports person you may have heard a saying like:


“You learn more from losing to a good team, than beating an easy team.”


The same applies here to our exercises. If you consistently choose exercises you are already good at and have no problem doing you won’t learn that much. However, if your exercises are tough and you even fail the first couple of reps but continue to practice you will learn so much! You can take this concept and apply it to pretty much anything in life.


Instead of running away from failure, I want you to look it in the eye, embrace it, and learn from it!

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