You can build the butt you always wanted.

I get excited about new movements just like everybody else. It’s nice to break up the norm and maybe have found a new varation that can lead to improvement.


So what is a kickstand?
Well, a kickstand is actually something used to hold up a bike, scooter or motorcycle. We use it in the same way. We use one leg to drive to stand up, and the other one is to keep us from falling over.
This movement would look like if a Split squat and a single leg squat had a baby. It’s an evident mix of the two, which is why I was very excited about learning more about it and using it to benefit clients.
We like all things here at CP tested it and researched it before just shelling it out. After four weeks of using it on my own I loved it, and it’s been added to my tool belt.
I can’t remember the last time I felt my butt working as much as it did in the kickstand. I was able to move the right amount of weight in a high position and felt safe doing it.
The kickstand is a perfect movement for those who are starting to get comfy with he split squat and like a little change of pace. It will present a new set of challenges and, most of all, work your glutes.
If your instead in trying the kickstand squat, reach out, and we will walk you thought the perfect set up and will give it a go.

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