You can keep moving during the winter.

Living in the northeast, we are lucky enough to experience all the season. This has many benefits but also comes with a few drawbacks. One of the main disadvantages is that most sports and outdoor activities are seasonal. We have to find a way to keep a similar level of activity thought out the year.


Today we are in the middle of the fall, which means we can still enjoy being outside before the real cold tempters hit. We like you to try to keep some of the levels of walking and other outdoor actives.
What are some of the actives we still have time to start and can keep into the winter?
Here’s a simple list of choices of actives you can start today and keep till next summer.
Ball playing
Martial art’s
All of the things listed above can be done inside as well. Variation’s of all these are easy to find and usually have a low entry bar.
Swimming and golf, you should probably get some lessons first, but you can easily set up a time at Golf Simulator and start hitting some balls.
Yoga and walking both can be done by going to a studio or the mall. During the winter, many people go to malls and walk around.
We know that a body in motion stay’s in action. Don’t let the winter take your health and well being down the wrong road.
If you are thinking about trying to get more active and need some help in any way, remember the team at CP is here to help you.

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