Desk Job Got You Feeling Stiff? Here’s 7 Tips on How to Get More Fit at Work.

Did you know an average person spends approximately 10-11 hours per day sitting down?


Add on another 7-8 hrs spent for sleep and that amounts to a lot sedentary time with minimal activity. Unless you’re out doing manual labor or work as a fitness coach at a gym (pun intended!), it may be tough for you to get out and about and get moving.


In addition to getting involved in an exercise program and working with a coach, here are some ideas to spike up your physical activity levels and get fit at work!


Sooo, now you may wonder… what do we want to get out of all of that?


The real point here is that if you do a few of these things every day, you will overtime create more healthy habits that will add up to big results and will really make a difference in how you feel.


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