Pick One Meal to Optimize (Use The K.I.S.S Acronym)

Growing up, teachers, coaches, and instructors loved using acronyms to help people like myself learn things more readily and quickly. One that always stuck with me was the K.I.S.S. acronym.


It stood for: Keep It Simple Stupid. Meaning to keep the ideas, the concepts, the information as easy and understandable as possible when writing, speaking, and thinking.


As a coach we get sucked into a whole bunch of terminology and science, which tends to come out when we first start trying to educate people. Especially when we talk about nutrition. Now as much, as I want people to understand what the laws of satiety state or what an oligosaccharide is, it simply just doesn’t help push people in the right direction. In fact, it separates and alienates us from people.


SOOOOO, today I want to discuss the K.I.S.S principle when it comes to nutrition and how you can apply it starting today.


Nutrition is not complicated, the nutrition industry is. We have boat loads of information that confuses more people each day. On top of that we have click baity words and diets that complicate matters even more. I’m a Keto guy… I lost all this weight on Paleo…..I do the Carnivore diet….. The fact is you know the basics of nutrition. E.G. Carbs, Fats, Proteins, and less calories equals less fat on the body.

Where most of us fail is employing healthy habits and routines to ensure a high quality diet where we get these nutrients regularly in a sustainable way. This is where the K.I.S.S. principle comes in.
Right Now I want you to think about the one meal you know you have daily.
For myself it’s breakfast.
Think about that meal. What is it mainly comprised of? Is it protein? Carbs? Fat?
Just get clear on what is in it.
Now…. Think about what you can add to it to make it better. A plate of veggies? A fistful of nuts? An extra helping of protein?
Good, now that you have the thing you can add, Pick one day, Only one day to add that thing in.
This is where the K.I.S.S. Principle shines through. To form new habits, the process needs to be simple. Stupid simple. It needs to become a part of the routines you already have and needs to be done with a high probability of success. Doing it one day, allows you to feel in control and not feel bad about potentially missing/messing up multiple days.
You can use this idea in conjunction with any of the things you want to gain or make a change in. It’s important to understand, that you have the potential to change and do it in big ways by starting small.
We need to keep things simple and get away from the gimmicky aspects of this industry. You can’t replace the hard work and consistency of forming strong habits. This concept and practice almost seems to easy, and that’s the point. It should seem this simple, this easy, and this stupid to help get you moving in the right direction and give you the momentum to achieve your physique goals.
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Coach Jim

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