3 Core Exercises for Beginners

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Today we are going to talk about the core and show you 3 great core exercises for beginners.


If you have not worked out in a while it may be tough for you to perform certain exercises without having a solid core. It is so important to build adequate core strength as it will help you stabilize the body while performing various activities and exercises and prevent the risk of injury.


Having good core strength is similar to building a solid foundation for a house. If your foundation is not stable enough you may notice the floors in your home are uneven or sagging… it may cause gaps in the windows or wall and floor cracks.


Similarly, not having great core strength can result in performing certain moves inefficiently. For example, if you try to do a pushup and lack firmness in your core, you can compensate throughout your lower back and increase your chance of injury. This can also apply to recreational activities outside of the gym… Say you love playing tennis but your core is lacking fundamental strength. This can greatly affect your game, compromising your balance and the ability to generate strong momentum with your swing etc.


Having said that, you can work building a solid core to help you prevent injury and continue doing the things you love!


Check out the below 3 exercises and be sure to give them a try


 Repeat for 5 breaths


2. Plank– the goal of a plank is to engage your core muscles, and other body parts, to hold a plank position for a certain amount of time                       30-60 seconds is great for beginners). Follow the steps below to execute the perfect plank:


If you notice your hips sinking down, elevate yourself onto a box or a higher surfaces (i.e. coffee table).


3. Trunk Lift– this exercise is great for working your obliques or the side muscles of your core running from the rib cage all the way down to                    your hips. Check out the video and steps below on how to perform a trunk lift.


Repeat for 5 long breaths on each side.


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