3 Quick & EZ Mobility Exercises You Can Do At Your Desk

A few weeks back, Ashley( a member of our group training program) asked me how to increase her flexibility?


What a good question, I exclaimed, and then proceed to spew a laundry list of moves, jargon, and positions to help improve her flexibility and mobility. After a whole bunch of jargon much information, I looked at Ashley and realized it was just too much. I have come to terms with the fact that people just want to be given 2 or 3 movements with clear instruction and direction of when and how to do them.


So in an effort to give people what they want, in this article I want to talk and demonstrate three mobility moves that you can do at your desk and take anywhere.


Ok, before I jump into the goods, I want to briefly discuss why Mobility is a great thing. So, why is mobility, or having a well developed mobile body a great thing? Well, when you have full range of motion over your joints, and can control them, you are more likely to stay injury free and move better in your daily life.


Think about it as having all the bells and whistles on your car constantly taken care of. The gears have enough oil, the tires have enough tread, the gaskets and seals are keeping the car from leaking. Hence, the machine is operating at an efficient level, and you don’t have to worry about anything breaking down. You just get to drive at your leisure to wherever you want to go.


Ok, let’s get to the moves.


#1: Foot Elevated Sky reach/Windmill.


This is a great drill to help increase and open up your upper back with some rotation. We are creatures of habit and are dominant to one side(especially at our desks).  As a result we often rotate more to one side than the other. With this movement you are able to free up some of those joints in your back that can alleviate some shoulder and neck stiffness.


#2 Chair T-spine extension


This is a great stretch to help open up the upper back and shoulders. At our desks we tend to adopt a hunched over forward shoulder position. The upper back was meant to do this but not for hours on end. Here we flatten the back out, pull those joints back to center and very safely get our arms to go over head. 


#3 1/2 Kneeling/deep lunge with active leg pry


This is one of my favorites. This drill can really open up the hips and be the game changer to sitting at a desk all day. When sitting at a desk, your legs are tightening up and adopting that position. With this you are asking your hips to open up and then engaging them in an active way when be in this deep legged position.


For every hour of being at your desk, spend 5 minutes doing these mobility moves. Taking it one step further do each move for 2 sets, 10 reps each.


Moves like these are great and can have a huge impact on your mobility and flexibility which can make you feel great.


If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to ask us on our Facebook page at Core Principles Strength and Conditioning or at our email


Keep being awesome and mobile human beings.




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