4 Simple Swaps To Help You Lose Weight

Do you find yourself struggling to see the results you want?


You may be frustrated because you feel like you barely eat anything and you still are not losing weight. You feel like you can’t eat any less and don’t know what to do.


You are eating balanced meals with lean protein, smart carbohydrates, vegetables, and healthy fats. You are using your hand to measure out your portions, eating slowly, and until 80% full but still the weight is not coming off.


You’re a little lost; you don’t know what to do next.


Don’t worry I am here to let you in on a little secret.


The problem may not be the volume of food you are eating but the things you are adding to your food and not even thinking about.


Remember in order to lose weight we must burn more calories than we consume.


A calorie is just a measurement of energy, there are calories in all foods, certain foods have more and certain foods have less.


Now calories are also in things such as condiments, creamers, dressings, oils, ext.


Often time’s people will only look at the “main” food on their plate and neglect the things they add.


Today I want to talk about a few of the sneakiest ways you could be consuming calories and provide you with a few lower calorie options.


Just like everything else none of these are inherently bad, however when consuming these products puts you in a caloric surplus it is impossible to lose weight. I am not saying you need to cut all of these out but I want you to be aware of how much you are using.


Coffee Creamer


Are you a huge coffee drinker? Don’t worry I am too and coffee is perfectly fine for you. It’s the added sugary creamer that will inhibit any progress. Instead of using a coffee creamer in the morning shoot for a lower caloric option such as almond milk. Black coffee is the best but if you don’t like the taste that won’t do you any good.




“Salad” does not equal low calorie meal. Often time’s salads are drowned in dressings that increase the calories significantly. Instead of a creamy ranch or creaser salad dressing aim for a better option such as fresh lemon or lime juice.




Mayo and ketchup are also condiments that can sneak in a few extra calories. Now they do make “light” versions, which are better, but they still have calories. Add some taste to your food with better options such as hot sauce or mustard.




Just like everything butter is not “bad” for you. Too much butter is bad for you. We all know butter gives food some flavor. Instead of drenching your food in butter aim for an olive oil spray and some fresh seasoning to add flavor.


Just like every habit we talked about I don’t recommend you trying to cut out all of these completely if you love them. You don’t even have to cut them out at all. As long as you are aware that all of these add calories to your diet and control how much of them you consume you will still be able to reach your goals.


-Coach Pat

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