5 Best Exercises For A Rock Solid Core

Recently, we have gotten some great feedback from some clients saying they want to do a little more “core” work.


We know the importance of core strength in regards to back health, ability to perform other exercises, transfer into sports such as golf, tennis, paddle and much more.


One thing I do want to be clear on is that if your goal is to lose weight in your midsection or stomach all the core work in the world is not going to help you. Your nutrition is the key factor in that; unfortunately as humans we can’t target fat loss. It is simply not physiologically possible.


A few of the women have said that they don’t think there are enough core exercises in the program and they would like to feel this area being worked more. I thought “Great, I love feedback it helps us grow as a gym and I want to give the client(s) what they want.”


However, when I looked at this month’s program I noticed quite a few exercises that I would consider “core exercises”.


This got me thinking, “hmmmm maybe I wasn’t doing my best job as a coach and helping them understand what they should be feeling with each exercise and how to get the most out of it”.


I wanted to put this blog post together for you today to help you understand what you truly should feel during a core exercise and how to set yourself up in the best positions to get the most out of them.


Fighting Dead Bug


This may be one of my favorite exercises I have learned from the El Capitan Haylin. No, not because it is the most challenging exercise, or because it’s one of those “sexy” exercises that will get you tons of likes on Instagram.


It’s because it is such a simple exercise to do and it gives you all the feels in the world. This is a great place to start and always go back to when you are not sure what you should be feeling during a “core” exercise


Bear Hold


The bear hold is another great one that can give you all the feels.


However this one is a little harder and must be executed correctly to give you the feels.




The plank may be one of the most popular core exercises. It can be a great one when performed correctly.


However, when performed incorrectly you will end up just cranking on the vertebrae(spine lingo for ya, go impress some friends) in your lower back.


Push Up Position Plank w/ Shoulder Tap


Now we are getting into some more complicated exercises. If you have not mastered the prior ones you may want to keep practicing before moving on.




Yes you read that right the deadlift when done correctly can light up your core.


Pretty much any exercise you do in the gym incorporates your core.


Here I am demonstrating a Hex bar deadlift but this can be applied to a Kettlebell deadlift, or barbell deadlift.


There you have it. If you can master these exercises and perform them consistently you can get the core you have always dreamed of.


If you have any questions or need some help please reach out to us at or at (203) 914-6396.


-Coach Pat

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