5 Mobility Moves You Could/Should Do Anywhere.

Who said mobility is only done in a gym setting? You can do mobility work anywhere. At the gym, at your home, at your desk. The idea here is that mobility is an important part of life and that it should be a part of your daily physical practice. I am not going to indoctrinate you with the why and how of this, rather I am going to give you 5 mobility exercises that everyone should do everyday and that don’t take time at all.


So, what is MOBILITY? Mobility simply is the ability to bring you joints through range of motion. When you lack mobility,  you compensate elsewhere and put other parts of your body at serious risk for injury. So let’s get that body moving through these 5 simple movements.


So there you have it. The 5 mobility drills we do here at Core Principles and the five that you can do anywhere at anytime. The goal would be to try and incorporate some of this mobility stuff throughout your daily life. It’s ok to take care of your health and be a bit of a strange human at the office. Just keep in mind to start small, so you can see big gains. If you have any questions or comments please let us know on Facebook or at

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