5 Ways to Sustain Your Healthy Exercise Habits

When I worked my corporate job before becoming a fitness coach, one of my biggest struggles was exercising regularly. I would go through “spurs” of time where I’d be ON MY GAME, going to the gym 5 days a week feeling super motivated and accomplished. Then shit would hit the fan at work, or I’d go on vacation, and it screwed up my entire routine. Before I knew it, something else would “come up” and my workout plans would get put on the back burner again. After a while I felt like all the progress I made previously just to waste, and it was hard to get my butt back in gear. In retrospect I probably should have hired a coach to get me through some of these challenges! (no pun intended)… But eventually I figured out a “recipe” that worked.


I feel like at least half of the clients we talk to at Core Principles share a similar experience at one point or another. They know exercise is important for their health and do their best to keep it consistent. But then life happens… a kid gets sick, work gets crazy, the zombie apocalypse happens (ok maybe not yet), and they fall off the wagon.


Whether or not that has happened to you, we wanted to share some real-life practical solutions that will help you stay on track with your workout regime, and make it easier to get back on the healthy train by changing your attitude and the way we think about exercise.


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– Coach Jojo

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