Are you from stamford ? if so may just know Donna.

When you introduce people at parties or at social events, I always feel pressure to make a great conversation for the introduction.


Donna would be one of those amazing people where you step back, and she handles the rest.


Donna nothing but welcoming to every person that walks into CP, this is 100% part of the success we have archived.


I like you to meet Donna,


Donna is a born and raised from Stamford. She is very proud of the fact that she from this growing city.


We have gone through so many changes over the year since Core principles first open its doors. Donna stuck with us for over two years as we worked hard every day to get better.


It really helps to have someone like Donna, who comes in happy and works as hard as she can every time and open enough to give us real feedback.


We have taken that feedback and been able to help guide donna to be the strongest she been. Donna is now at the point where she is leading the pack when it comes to movement and strength.


It’s a great show of trust and hard work. Donna is doing some of the most advancements we currently have in this program. Ever time I have the pleasure of working with her, I am more and more impressed with her movement and willingness to try new things.


Donna, we like to thank you for smiling, laughing, and working as hard as you can when you come to work out. We look foward to seeing what you can accomplish next.


As you have shown time and time again, you have no limits.



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