Are you going through the motions?

You did it! You showed up today and decided to workout. That’s awesome! Seriously! Rather than burying yourself under more paperwork or call another client, you prioritized and made it to the gym today. So today I want to talk about how we can get the most out of what you are going to do here at Core Principles.


Without adding stress to your life (because that is the last thing you need), I want to just give a few tips today that can enhance your movement practice. Remember, that the gym is a laboratory to perfect movement, not move perfectly. So, it’s understood if you don’t get the motion the first, second, or third time. It’s practice!!! So, don’t sweat it! But let’s go ahead and give you a few tips and tricks to get you in the best position possible, so you reap the benefits of your program.


Tip 1: Check your position: Ask yourself simple things like, are my feet in the right place? Are my hands far or close enough apart? This small detail could be the difference between increasing your squat or avoiding pain that has plagued you for a while.


Tip 2: Find the sensation:  Am I feeling it where I am supposed to be feeling it?The other day when I was running a group class, I asked someone if they were getting the most out of X movement. They finally admitted to me and said I never feel it when I do this movement. If you don’t feel it or get the point of it. Just ask!!!! Once you feel it, you will understand its purpose that much better.


Tip 3: Reflect and discuss: Ask yourself, what is the purpose of this movement right here, with these amounts of sets and reps? There are reasons your program was designed for you. It has intention. To get the most out of it, talk to the coach about why it has this specific level of intensity or really what you should be feeling. After all, we want you to get what you want and the only way we can do that is if you talk very candidly with the coach to get moving really well and with intention.


These simple tips can help you make tremendous leaps and bounds in your movement and fitness goal. Please remember that no question is off limits, so use these questions and ideas to further your journey. Remember, these tips are there for specific moments of clarity, until you have developed a larger capacity for movement literacy. Bruce lee said it much better than I though. “Adapt what is useful, reject what is useless, and add what is specifically your own”. –Bruce Lee

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