Are You Scared to Join The Gym?

Are You scared to join the gym? Are you afraid of what others might think of you? Are you nervous that you may not be able to do something, that a coach might ask of you?


We all suffer from this anxiety.

Trying something new is scary. Especially, when we fear we may not be good at it or might struggle in front of others. Even as hard as we may try to check our ego at the door, it drags along behind us, with everything we do.
I want you to meet Karen.
Someone, like you, who struggled with this decision to join Core Principles. Karen, hadn’t been to a gym in a long time. She dreaded the idea of having to wake up early and doing something that was physically demanding. Even more she wanted to avoid people that might judge her, for who she is, and where she was at in her health and fitness.
Now Karen has been with Core Principles for about 6 months and the results don’t lie. Not only the physical change she has had, but the mental change as well. She picks up boxes at work with ease, which she never thought would get easier. She never thought she would look forward to coming to a gym, especially at 6AM. It’s her safe place, she has said. A place for her to escape all her troubles and worries and just focus on herself.
She is so proud of her effort and results, she even sends videos of her exercising and picking up big weights to her kids.
Karen has made tremendous strides and made a dramatic shift for her health and fitness. She has even taken the next steps in the process and begun focusing on her nutrtition with coach Pat in his New Age Nutrition program.
Karen was like you, a person who wanted changed but feared what it meant to actually do the damn thing. However, change does not need to be scary and it certainly does need to be complicated. Just focus on the little things and get the help you deserve. That’s all Karen did, and you can do it too.
For more info on how to get the changes you want, feel free to contact us at or hit us up on facebook at Core Principles Strength and Conditioning.
Be well and be the change you desire,
Coach Jim

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