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Life gets busy!!!! We all know this, but we also know we want to achieve certain feats and reach certain goals. As a human beings, multitasking these things can be difficult. Between careers, families, holidays, and bills it seems so difficult to prioritize those goals and pin down a schedule that will help us get what we want.


It’s important to remember though that you should not give up on those things, and maybe just prioritize what you can, when you can. For example, let’s talk about a client at CP that left for a little while and now is back.


Out of respect for this client we are going to keep her name off the record. This client first to Core Principles in November of 2017. When she met with Haylin she was excited to get started and really adamant about gaining more energy. She had a concern though. She was nervous about her ability to get to CP because of her work schedule and how busy it can be. She is also a mom which adds a large additional workload to her plate. She really wanted to make this work, so she asked Haylin if he could be flexible with her and get to CP when she can. He obliged because he really wanted to see her make the changes she wanted to see.


In the beginning, she made it when she could 2 times a week here, 3 times a week there, 1 time a week once in a while. Something happened though and she was not seen for a while after December. As her accountability coach, I shot her emails once in a while to check in on her and see how she was doing. It was not until March that we had heard from her again. As concerned professionals, we really just wanted to make sure she was alright and that everything she was doing at CP aligned with her goals.


After answering, she admitted that life got really busy between work and her family and she was just not able to prioritize her fitness. She did appreciate the emails and constant contact and knew once over the hump of work she had, she would be able to get back on track.


The truth is that this happens to us all. We all get busy and we have all put our goals on the back burner. No doubt she wanted to make it to the gym, but she had to focus on the other important things of life. Dedication is not about how many times you show up to the gym a week, really it’s about how you are able to prioritize all the other things in your life and making it to the gym when you can. Honestly, she could have been coming to the gym all those months, but she may have just shown up and mailed in her workouts.


She is now back this spring and with a vengeance and ready to rock all the workouts we have ready for her. Her focus is on point and her attitude is super positive. Here at CP we want nothing but the best for her and anyone that walks through our door. We know how crazy life can be and that sometimes a person needs a break to figure what is truly important to them. We are so glad to have this client back and are excited to walk beside you on your fitness journey.

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