Best Ways To Eat More Delicious Veggies!

You probably heard growing up “Eat more fruits and vegetables!” and you know it’s important for your health…

but you also can’t stomach the thought of a boring and bland pile of steamed vegetables or a bowl of cold lettuce.

I AM WITH YOU. And, it DOESN’T have to be that way! And we should all eat more vegetables.

Fall is just around the corner, and so are some exciting flavors that come with it!

In this week’s video, I am going to share with you some of my favorite and delicious ways to eat more veggies.

If you are trying to make meaningful changes in your nutrition, increasing your daily intake of fruits and vegetables is one of the BEST ways to do that.

Check out my video below and let me know what you think! What ideas do you have?


Sometimes, all we need is a little fresh inspiration. That’s where the help of a coach can come in! If you are feeling stuck when it comes to your nutrition, watch the video HERE , and “Lettuce” know how we can help! 🙂

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