Beyond The Coaching Cue: The Real Reason Coaches Coach

Coaching is such a rewarding career. While this statement has coaches ear constantly ringing, I think the reality of this statement sets in when you get the opportunity to work and watch amazing people grow from your first hand experience.


This week, I want to talk about a client from our group class. Tracy came to Core Principles a few months ago and was very nervous to begin a fitness class. We all fear the unknown and what it might bring. I remember when I first met her, I was nervous. I always get a little fearful of what people might think of me, standing in front of the room, trying to lead them through a series of moves and exercises, that I may not have a cueing answer too. It’s a fear that I have always had but always tried to use to my advantage to push me into the unknown and embrace the scariness of what people might say.
So, the day Tracy came in, I immediately recognized a common thread between her and I. I recognized a genuine heartfelt person, looking to achieve more, but lacking the perspective, tools, and guidance to get to a new level. I know this, because I am this way.
One of the greatest truisms in life and in being human is that you can’t mistake feelings. They are there and the age-old phrase “when you feel it, you feel it” comes to mind. Even as I write this my heart opens with the greatest capacity and can’t help but bubble over into my eyes as they well up with water.
Recently, I have noticed a shift in Tracy. She is more willing and able to perform exercise. She no longer avoids certain movements or hovers towards the back of the group when we are giving instruction. She is on the front lines making jokes and pointing the silly things I do out to everyone (just like when I said, “you know, like when you are playing with your grandkids” needless to say, she didn’t hold back to let me have it).
Even more, she has created a sense of fearlessness. She does this often by looking at me and telling me she can’t do the thing I just asked everyone to do. My immediate response is always a loud boisterous, “Yes You Can”. Immediately following, I find Tracy attempting the movement with either great ease or serious confusion. The fact is, however, we lean on each other for the support we need. I use her to help refine my skills and she uses me as someone that will not judge her practice. What’s even more exciting is the fact that I know any time I see Tracy, I myself never feel judged or wrong and always get an opportunity to relax, try, and collaborate with a beautiful spirit.
Tracy, you make my profession pleasurable and worth all the time in the world. I would say never change, but that would be the wrong mindset to have. Change, but do it in your own way and just know that you always have a place at CP with the positivity and proactive attitude.

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