Commited To Move!!!!!

Have you ever gotten those annoying push notifications, that just don’t seem to stop coming? I have, and i’ll be honest, I don’t particularly like them. However, recently, I have been getting them and every time I see it, I end up with a huge smile on my face.


It’s no secret that we coaches love to move. After all it’s our job to demonstrate and do it. However, it’s more pleasing and to us when we watch someone nail a good squat for the first time or when someone hits the perfect hinge, or someone finally understands what I mean when I say, “ Squeeze Your Butt”. Lately, though I have become ecstatic over one person’s commitment to move. Enter Maria.


I’ll be honest, when I first met Maria, I was intimidated. She stood a whole 4 foot 10 but carried herself like she was 6 foot 5. She moved like a cat and had the education to backup every reason for doing what she did. She even told Pat and I, if she didn’t like something we told her she would disagree, in a nice way though. Needless to say, Maria was a mover.
Recently, Maria moved away from Core Principles and was most likely nervous about getting her movement in. She really enjoyed the way Haylin programmed for her but found herself in a hard position because of the commute she was about to face. So, her and Haylin sat down and figured out what her priorities were. She wanted movement, she wanted structure, and she wanted the right coaching to reach her fitness goals. So, being that it’s 2018 they came up with a solution.
Maria is now on a coach catalyst program which has her program uploaded to it. She answers a daily question that is in align with her monthly habit and promotes that goal. Each and every day, her and the team can converse through the MyCoach app and trouble shoot any questions, comments, and concerns. I constantly get bombarded with Maria’s comments and questions and I LOVE IT!!!!!
Does Maria stop there?! Nope, she even makes the effort to get to Core Principles once every two weeks to get the movement she wants in and get a little more insight into how she is moving through her workouts. She is a dedicated individual that I am pleased to see every time she shows up or hits up on the app.
I think we can all learn a lesson from Maria and follow in her footsteps of how to dedicate oneself and set priorities. We are so glad she continues to be with us at CP and we know that she will reach the goals she wants with that positive attitude and forward thinking.

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