Committed!! He Hasn’t Missed a Day.

 This week I want to talk about one of our newer clients Mike.


Mike has been coming to Core Principles Fitness for about 8-10 weeks now. Before Mike started he hadn’t exercise or physically exerted himself in some time. When he came he was looking for a gym that wouldn’t make him do things that he thought he couldn’t do or make him look silly. He wanted a place that would focus on what he needed. 


When Mike met with Haylin on the first day, he told him, “ I am going to commit to this for the 8 weeks and not miss a day”. Sure enough, Mike hasn’t missed one yet. Even now with 10 weeks under his belt he hasn’t missed one yet. I think he is looking to get most attendance award at our next Christmas party.


It’s amazing when a person switches the gear on in their head and focuses on the daily action to make themselves better. I think we all know what it’s like to have the feeling rush over our body and brain. That sense that we can do anything and achieve anything we want.


The most amazing thing about Mike is, that I get the sense he isn’t looking for the easy way to results, or the quick fix. He is looking for a process. He wants to improve his life and all the things that come with good health. By trusting this process, he is better able to understand how to do it and make sure he gets better with each and every time he comes. Even if that means renaming one of the movements to “Free Willy” and yelling Banzai at the top of the movement so he can remember it. (I told you he was a character).

I personally love to watch people who come in, actively push themselves,  and leave knowing they are getting one degree closer to their goals. Mike is in the process of making himself and focusing on what he needs to do to reach his health and fitness goals.
Like Mike, you can begin a process towards your health and fitness goals. You just need the right place to help you get there. If interested in talking about those goals, getting some clarity, and taking the steps to get better, feel free to email us at or hit us up on facebook at Core Principles Strength and Conditioning. Lastly, Mike thanks for being awesome and allowing us to be apart of this journey. It means the world to us.
Coach Jim

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