Common Client Questions and Answers!

When it comes to exercise and nutrition it’s hard to know all the answers. There are a lot of misconceptions out there on the internet from the so called “experts” when it comes to weight loss, getting fit and eating healthy. Well we’re here to cut through all the confusing BS and tell you what you need to know about your body, how it works and what you need to do to keep it healthy! Below are a few questions that come up a lot from clients starting their health programs. Read on, and if you’re not certain about a topic that’s health related, be sure to leave us a question in the comments!


Question 1: If I’m not sweating during my workout session, am I getting enough out of it?


Sweat is not necessarily a good indicator of performance and just because your t-shirt isn’t dripping wet, it doesn’t mean that your workout is not intense enough. First, let’s examine why people sweat in the first place… It is your body’s way of regulating temperature, so if you’re working out for a long period of time or exercising in 90-degree weather, your body will sweat more to cool itself off. On a different note, if you’re coming in for a 45-60 min workout session at the gym in a ventilated space, hydrating and taking short breaks, you may not need to sweat as much because it’s inefficient for your body and glands to produce sweat when they don’t need to!


This question is very often asked by women who are trying to attain a lean look and don’t want to look like the female version of the Hulk. I get it! And the answer is most likely no! It is very hard for females to gain a lot of muscle mass due to low levels of testosterone we produce. On top of that, in order to bulk up, you will need to lift HEAVY , eat a TON and be very specific about your protein, fat and carb intake. Chances are when you’re starting a health program, you will probably be trying to replace your unhealthy eating habits and consume more nutrient dense foods. What is most likely going to happen by adding resistance training is your body will start to lose fat and retain or slightly increase muscle mass. The common result of that will be seeing less pounds on the scale… But if you’re already in a great shape, you may actually start seeing your some muscle definition and look more toned. You certainly won’t start looking like Arnold, but I will tell you that the consequence of lifting will probably have you feeling stronger, make your butt tighter and improve your energy levels immensely (consider yourself warned :)).


How many calories should I be consuming per day to lose weight?


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