Detroit Hustles Harder: The Story of Nicole

Let me tell you a little story about Nicole, a dear friend and member of ours at CP.


Nicole has joined Core Principles over 8 months ago and she is an awesome girl who has continuously proven that no matter what stays in your way or how busy you are, you can always make time for your personal fitness, health and well-being.


Nicole is a teacher who is a super successful and super busy with her career, and personal life. She’s got a cute little Chihuahua named Billy and she is the best dog mom ever!


Since starting her fitness journey at CP, Nicole has been super consistent about coming to our Group Personal Training classes. Even though she works long hours helping and educating the kids in our local community, she is determined to keep her health in great shape, show up and crush it!!
Nicole has made amazing progress during her stay with us at CP. Her squats are looking money, she’s very well coordinated and she recently gained a lot of strength in her core, and started bear crawling like a boss! Rawr!
But like many of us, Nicole’s life is not perfect and there was a time recently where she had to take care of a health hiccup. Even though it was a stressful time, she handled herself with so much grace and composure.
Nicole found exercise to be a great outlet while having a lot on her plate. Being in the gym and working out allowed her to unwind, be in the moment and do her THANG on the training floor!
I am very proud of Nicole as her friend and her coach, because despite having so much going on, she kept positive and pushed through. She is now recovered and stronger than ever!
Nicole continues to come to the gym on a weekly basis and she is getting after it. The other day she tried box jumps and quickly went from a 12 to an 18 inch with a huge smile on her face. In between sets you can find Nicole dancin’ her way through class with the moves like Jagger, and making us laugh with her witty sense of humor.
At Core Principles we embrace our members and encourage them to go for what they want no matter what obstacle stands in their way. Nicole is a true example of that and we are happy and proud to have her be a part of our community.
So next time you see Nicole, be sure to give her a shout out. Girl- if you are reading this, please know that YOU ROCK! Keep on shining your light because it will only continue to get brighter.
With love,
Coach Jojo

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