Ditch you diet #13

I just can’t stop. Ever have those days where you can’t stop reaching back in the bag for a few more M&M’s.


Have you been to a BBQ and that big bowl of sour cream and onion chips just keeps drawing you every time you walk by.


Perhaps you’ve been out to dinner, enjoying the heck out of your chicken scarpariello with pasta. You find yourself satisfied, starting to get full, but the fork keeps picking up more chicken and putting it into your mouth.


What the heck is going on here?  How can you want to stop and keep eating at the same time. It’s actually quite normal to have this internal conversation with yourself.


You may feel like it’s out of your control, it is difficult but not impossible to stop.


Georgie and I break down how to begin to seize back control so you can enjoy the things we all do without that annoying out of control feeling.


Click on the image to learn the simple steps and if you want help personalizing these steps to your life I got you covered.


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