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Our goal is to set people up for success.  Putting people in positions where they can be successful is key for us.  That way 1) You can stay safe 2) Get out of the exercise what it is intended to provide you with 3) You feel successful and are ready for more  4) You get strong and sexy asap.


We have some plank progressions that start with  creating a solid foundation then progress to more challenging versions.  The key is to do what is right for you today and then progress it as you adapt.  You don’t get points or benefit for that matter for doing an advanced version because it looks cool.


Here Are a few Videos of how to take your Plank from Good to Great!!!


The Silver edition (Elevated Plank):


The Silver edition 2.0 (Elevated Plank Reach)


The GOLD standard (plank):


Platinum is where it’s at (Plank Toe Tap):


Focus on form rather speed or length of time. Here at Core Principles we would rather see you give it your all (by staying tight or giving a lot of tension) for the 10-15 seconds as opposed to seeing if you can hold it for 20 minutes.

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