Do you drink enough water ?

I have a 26 oz yeti; I used to drink it from full to empty at least two times a day. That may not seem like a ton of water, but I weigh 140lbs, it felt like a ton of water. 


How much water should I drink ?
Water intake is, by far, one of the most important topics for new clients. It’s also a very confusing one, as a health professional, have changed my view on this more than once.
Is there the right amount of water for you to drink? I believe there is. Is it as simple as doing a little bit of math? I think not. I genuinely believe its something you should progression with a few simple guidelines and starting points.
Here’s how you get started and simple build over time
Having a glass of water as soon as you wake up can help set you up for proper hydration levels for the day ahead of you. There can still be a slight chance your little low on water after sleeping for 8 hours and getting ready for work, so the second glass is super important.
Drink a full glass of water before any meal has been shown to lower hungry levels, which in turn can help you not overeat and lose weight.
Having fast access to glass on your desk does several things. Seeing it can just remind you to take a sip, eliminates the issues of having to get up and walk to grab a bottle of water.
This important at this point in the day you’re just siping when you feel necessary, not forcing your self to drink more water than needed.
All in all, use the size of your cup and how you feel as your guide. The cup size should stay the same and ideally range from 8 on the smaller side and 16 oz on lager size. Pay attention to how your body reacts; if your sleep feels better and you aren’t craving water at points in the day, than your doing a great job.
If you have more questions about your water intake, feel free to shoot us an email, and we will do the best we can do help you at.
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