Do You Step Out Of Your Comfort Zone?

Stepping out of your comfort zone.


We say it a lot, we hear it a lot but do we truly understand what it means.


As humans we often fall into habits. Things just seem to happen whether its your morning routine, how you drive to work everyday, or what you like to do on the weekends we tend to do things over and over again.


This is where we become comfortable. We expect certain things to happen and when they don’t something is not right.


Now if your morning routine is off a tiny bit that is perfectly cool. If one day you brush your teeth before you feed the dog is the world going to end? Probably not.


In situations like this we probably do not need to step out of our comfort zone because there is no major implication from this happening.


Now lets say your morning routine caused you to be 20-30 minutes late to work you would probably have to change something. You may have to step out of your comfort zone and get up 30 minutes early so you are not late for work.


Now lets relate this to working out. If you miss one workout here and there everything will be fine. If you end up missing weeks and weeks you are not going to get the results you want.


This is a time where you may need to step out of your comfort zone.


Lets meet Tim, one of our SuperHero clients who has been here since day 1.

Tim is a kick ass husband, amazing Dad to his 1 year old daughter, extremely successful wealth manager, golfer, and college athlete.
Just like everyone else Tim struggles to get to the gym at times because life gets in the way. Sometimes he has to work in the city, his kid gets sick, or he has a golf tournament he is preparing for.
In the past when things would come up we would not see Tim for a while. Now this is not a knock at Tim at all because he felt he needed some time off to get everything together and that is completely cool and necessary sometimes.
Recently I have seen some changes in Tim.
Tim would normally come work out at lunchtime but that did not always work.
Tim is determined to get the results he wants and knows he needs to step out of his comfort zone sometimes.
I started to see Tim sign up for morning classes and evening classes; times he normally would not come.
He knew he needed to get here and those were the only options.
I am sure it was not easy at first but he is doing a great job at getting here.
He was able to step out of his comfort zone and do something for himself.
For that Tim we applaud you.
-Coach Pat

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