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Wow what a game yesterday, two great teams giving it all they got! In honor of yesterday’s game I want to talk about Tom Brady’s book, The TB12 Method. Let me start out by saying I have not read his book and this is nothing against his book. I am also not a Patriots fan (Go Packers!) but I do respect what the players and organization have done. Last but not least if you’re sitting there wondering who the hell is this Tom Brady guy? Don’t worry this post has nothing to do with football and I believe you will still find value in this post, so stick around.


So, this past weekend I was sitting around procrastinating scrolling through Facebook on my phone when I came across a video from Business Insider where one of their employees tried The TB12 Method for a week. Here is the link to the video you can watch it now its very short.  (


Okay your back? How good does Tom look? That’s all I really want to talk about.


Okay back to seriousness, I want you to think about what you just watched. Was anything in there really new information to you? Was anything really groundbreaking? Was there anything that was so unordinary? Okay maybe the avocado ice cream is a little odd, I love avocados and I absolutely love ice cream but I think i’ll keep them separate.


Now again I did not read the book so this is not an overall review of his book, it is just based off the video on Facebook. The main points I got out of the video was that Tom Brady’s diet consists of a lot of vegetables, lean proteins, water, limited alcohol, and probably no processed food.  Now I am almost positive each and every one of you reading this post right now already knew that all of that food was good for you.


The problem is a lot of people are constantly searching for the new secret, some new amazing diet that magically makes them healthy, some little pill that helps them achieve the goals they want.  In reality none of that exists, most people know what they “should” eat, the struggle most people have is building it into a habit, because we have so much other stuff going on in our lives that we tend to put nutrition on the back burner. Whether it’s a crazy work schedule, busy with the kids, or whatever else you have going on in your life sometimes nutrition falls off.


This is why here at Core Principles we take a little different approach to our nutrition coaching. We don’t give you a specific meal plan because in reality those don’t work most of the time. Something in your life comes up and then you can’t follow the meal plan exactly, which in the end makes you feel like a failure and you give up. We never want that to happen because you are not a failure at all! We work on building healthy nutritional habits over time, we sit down with you and find out what you struggle with most and come up with a solution together that will fit you and your life, not Toms. We work on small simple habits one at a time and once you nail one habit and have it down we move on to the next.


If you are looking to start feeling amazing again through exercise and nutrition so that you can throw that touchdown pass to your kid in the back yard contact us at or call (203) 914-6396.


-Coach Pat

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