Eat real food, drink real water. Simple right?! Not quite these days. These days we are surrounded by fast food chains, restaurants, ads everywhere to make us feel like giving up and running into the hills to become a shaolin monk. To top it all off, we have a fitness industry and leaders from that field complicating matters with ideas like intermittent fasting, the best 21 day diet plan, and the best supplements that employ himalayan sea salt to counteract the aging process. I think you get the picture. It’s time to stop this and give you the tools and education to make an informed decision for yourself, because let’s face it, everything you do is your conscious choice.




What does this mean? It means, eating food that states what it actually is. For example, a carrot should be a carrot, not some genetic modified food that on the back of the ingredients states some word that you need a science degree to pronounce.




The next time your in a store and grab something off the shelf, flip over to the nutrition facts label and read the ingredients(If you have kids above the age of 8, have them do it). If you or your kids are unable to say it on the first try, you should ask yourself if you really should be putting it in your mouth. (By the way, your organs won’t be able to pronounce it either).


So, tip 1 is if you can’t pronounce it, don’t allow it.


Drink Real Water


What do I mean by this? Well frankly what I mean is drink real water. No games or gimmicks, just the plain fact that we need to drink water regularly. Hydration is a just a combination of salt and water, but the fact is you need both to make that happen. Too many times I run into people that drink little to no water, but worry about the best protein shake to buy.


Fun Fact: You can use water to mix a protein shake, which kills two birds with one stone.


The truth is water makes up most of your body and helps shuttle nutrients throughout the systems of the body. It does other things too but let’s keep it at that. Now with that in mind, you need to feed the body what it needs and is made of most.


If you don’t enjoy water, try flavoring it with natural things like lime, lemon, or orange.


So, tip 2 Drink water not the other thing you’ve already had five of.


Putting this into Practice


Now, I know these things are easier said than done and can’t just be flipped by a switch, but they can be achieved through small, manageable habits that become second nature. So, if you have questions about how to do that shoot us an email at or hit us up on Facebook. The goals in your life are achievable, let’s get the wheels spinning in the right direction and the tools necessary to fix any problems along the way.

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