Eat This, Not That.

Do you believe that foods can be “good” or “bad”?

Or maybe you think of food in terms of a points system where some are “free” and others will cost you.

Perhaps you know precisely which foods belong on the “red list” (those you should avoid) and the “green list” (those foods that are okay to eat).

Well, in this week’s video, I invite you to throw all that thinking away! Food is not a moral issue. It is neither good nor bad!

Food is meant to be eaten and enjoyed and we don’t ever have to feel guilty or “bad” for eating something!

I want to invite you to think instead of food on a spectrum. On one side of the spectrum are whole foods and on the other side are processed foods.

←–WHOLE FOODS—————————————————–PROCESSED FOODS—–>

We want the majority of the foods we consume to be closer to the side of the whole food, but processed foods also can have a place in a balanced diet!

We want to avoid perfectionistic, all-or-nothing thinking when it comes to our food, and we want to keep plenty of foods we enjoy in our lives WHILE keeping an eye on our health and goals.

If you are someone who thinks of food as good or bad and you’re ready for a change, then check out this week’s video!


Have you recently felt guilty and are tired of it? Then check out this week’s video HERE.


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