Expert Tips: Morning Wake Up

If we made a movie of your morning routine, what would it look like, what would it include?

Is it a chaotic scramble, or an organized routine?

It is your opportunity to decide how you want the day to go and the chance to set the tone for the rest of the day. There is no perfect routine, but what you do will impact the rest of your day! Do you set yourself up for success?

If you feel anything less than spectacular in the a.m. here is a plan to get you feeling better. A plan you can execute in about 5 minutes. 5 minutes really adds up, every day can make a huge difference in how you feel and move.

If your hips and shoulders are cranky, if they are a little stiff and uncomfortable each morning, check this out.

I promise it will change your day.  Done nearly every day it will create real change in how your hips and shoulders move, improve the health of your joints and just make you feel good.

Cat/Cow – 1 Minute

Six Point Rock – 1 Minute

Child Pose Reach – 1 Minute

Shoulder Articulation – 30 Seconds Each Side

Hip Articulation – 30 Seconds Each Side

Do this routine for two weeks and tell us how you feel.

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