Failing to Succeed

Last week I told a story of how one of our superheroes came in one day when she didn’t sleep much but was still able to feel better walking out the door. We talked about the concept of treating your training like a dimmer instead of an on-off switch.


In case you missed it you can check it out HERE.


It seemed like people enjoyed the read so much I wanted to share with you another conversation I had with a few superheroes.


Just last week we started a new workout for the next 4 weeks. 


When we are writing our new workout we want a combination of things we know people are familiar with and a few things that may be new. We want some new things to keep the workouts fun and exciting but don’t want to throw 10 new things at everyone and just make it too confusing. 


On one of the days we had an exercise that was completely new for most people and to be honest a little awkward at first. (Don’t worry it’s not important what that exercise was)


During one of our sessions people were trying it out and frankly were struggling a little. It was something they have never done before so it makes sense it was difficult!


It was so different that a few people decided to do something else that day.


It may have felt like they “failed” that exercise but that’s quite alright!


This week we had the same workout so when I encouraged people to give it just one more shot, we talked about what they were feeling last time, how they can adjust their positioning to make it feel better this time. 


To everyone’s credit they put on their explorer hats and tried it one more time!


Everyone felt sooooo much better this second week, they couldn’t believe how different it felt and how much they felt like they were getting out of it. 


This makes complete sense, when you try something new the first time it probably is weird and gets a little better each time you practice. 


I would even make the argument that a few “bad” reps last week and feeling things that were awkward actually helped them practice and get better the second week. 


Failure is such a negative word and has such a bad reputation but without failure, there is no growth, we are not pushed to get better and challenge ourselves. 


If everything in life is easy and you never fail you might want to ask yourself if you are stepping out of your comfort zone and really challenging yourself or simply sticking to things you know. 


Each and every person has the right to choose what they want to do but I would strongly encourage you to fail from time to time. 

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