Get What You Want: Lifelong Goal Achieved In Just 4 weeks!!!

Have you ever wanted to achieve something physically demanding?


I think most of us can say that we have all struggled with the physical elements of life in some way, shape, or form. It’s no surprise that it can be a huge deterrent to come back to something when we go to do/try something we aren’t very good at.


Often, we go one of two ways, we either stop it altogether, create a narrative that says we will never be able to do it, and give up wondering if we would have been able to do it if we just tried this thing instead. Or, we challenge ourselves, set a goal, and employ strategies and the help we need to reach the thing we want.


I can DO this!!!!!


Today, is about a client who went after what she wanted. Tara, has been coming to C.P. since before I started. I noticed that this person was a gogetter. She had a quiet, reserved, but intense way about her. She tried things, thought carefully and pushed herself. I have never had to once ask Tara to go up in weight or make a different choice in movement. She always knew what she could and couldn’t do.


But just because one knows what they can and cannot do, doesn’t mean that they don’t want to reach for more. You see Tara had always wanted to do push-ups off the ground. We all have that Sisyphus(story of the guy who pushes rock up mountain side, only to reach the top and have rock come tumbling down) story in our life. Where we work so hard trying to achieve something. It feels like an uphill battle. But Tara was committed.


A few weeks after switching over to Semi-private training she reached out to me and asked me to help her achieve this personal goal. I jumped all over this. It’s so cool when a client reaches out to achieve a real physical goal, a milestone if you will. After she reached out, I immediately asked the guys what they think it would take for her to do this. They said the obvious answer, commitment, consistency, and some extra work spent outside of the gym doing/trying a few push-ups off the ground at night.


Pat even wrote it up on the success board to declare it in a reasonable time frame. 4 weeks is what we considered to be the realistic timeline to achieve this. After a few groans over the time, Tara agreed.
Now I am telling you this because Tara’s life did not stop. Her family, career, and personal life didn’t just come to a screeching halt. In fact it ramped up at times. Tara would be in two days one week, then 1 day, then sometimes if she was away, no days. That didn’t mean her goal changed nor did it mean she stopped doing the push-ups at home.
The other day Tara came in, back from vacation, and had just made a huge decision in her life, but the push-ups were still on her mind. It was at this time, where we had hit the 4 week mark. She looked at me during the session and said can we focus on push-ups. I said sure. As she reached for a box, I said, “Whoa, what are you doing? Let’s try them from the floor”! She gave me a look of discernment and uncertainty. I said “Tara, just try it. Worst that happens is that we don’t get it done and we know what we need to work on”.
Seconds later with some hesitation Tara set up in the push-up position, lowers down, and presses away. And then immediately after follows it with another one.
She did it. Not just once but twice. 2 in a row. I threw my hands in the air and shouted, “YES”!
It was amazing. I still think she couldn’t believe herself because she told me at first they didn’t count. After some sincere raving and ranting by me, she took to the fact that she nailed it.
Now, Tara is on to bigger and better things, this upcoming fall she is working on running a 5k and we are working close together to see what the more specific goal is with this new milestone. It takes some thought but you can achieve anything you want. If you want to get that thing you have always wanted, take a lesson from Tara, take the necessary steps and find the right help to get what you have wanted for some time.
-Coach Jim

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