Get Your Fit On With Core Principles While Traveling the World!

Whether you’re traveling for business or leisure it is always a good idea to have some workouts planned ahead, especially if you’re trying to stay on top of your game, and be consistent to achieve those long term fitness goals you want!


If you’re crunched on time and doing an hour plus workout is just not in the cards, that’s totally cool… We have some ideas on how to sweat it out in just under 20 minutes so that you can feel great and stay on track with your fitness routine wherever you are! The idea is to get creative and have fun with it. If you have an access to the gym at the hotel you’re staying, we recommend you definitely make use of it! If you like to run outside, go for a 15-min jog or power walk and check out your new surroundings… If you’re at a fancy resort and you’re near the water or a pool, be sure to jump in, swim some laps and get your cardio on!


If none of the above activities are an option and you’re limited on space, time and/or gym accessories, check out the 3 workout ideas below requiring nothing but your own body weight and some hotel furniture to stay in tune with your own fitness jam:


1. Total Body Banger (3 rounds for each section)

2. Travel Body Weight Blaster

15-30 Minutes as Many Rounds as Possible

3. 10-Minute Belly & Booty Workout

Repeat as many rounds in a 10-minute period


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