Good Things Come In Small Packages

Today’s blog is about a client who keeps surprising us all with her stamina, motivation and dedication for fitness and improvement. Her name is Julia and when she first came to us she wanted to improve the way she moves, get rid of some aches and pains and overall just feel better!


Julia is 5’2 petite little lady, but she has the fortitude and determination of a mini-warrior! Since joining Core Principles, Julia has been working out consistently 2 x days a week and each time I see her, she is in the zone, and laser-focused on her training routine! Her hard work is definitely paying off and I was very happy to see Julia get some of our basic movements down very fast! If you haven’t trained in a while it can be difficult to get some of the motions down. Learning how to properly hip hinge or squat is not easy if you’re not a regular exerciser… That did not stop Julia, however, and she quickly went from beginner to mastering some of our major movement patterns and becoming an avid gym-goer.



We love seeing Julia work towards her goals every day, and complete some pretty big milestones in her recent health journey. Not only is she determined and persistent in her training efforts, but Julia brings a great energy to our community at Core Principles. She’s always got a smile on her face, a positive attitude and a great sense of humor. Julia is also a great and eclectic cook and we’re hoping to try some of her famous dishes one day!


Way to go Julia! Thanks for being a part of the Core Principles family and keep on keepin’ at it!


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