Healthy Shoulders Equals Happy Shoulders

It’s hard keeping a new car running like new. After time and overuse things just start to happen. It takes a lot of time, money and effort to keep your car running like new but it is possible.


Our bodies are the same way. It’s hard to keep our bodies running like they did during your 20s. Things start to wear down after time, and typically it’s the same parts, backs, knees, shoulders and hips.


Be the mechanic and treat your body like the car. Give it the love and attention it deserves. If you want your car to continue to get you from point A to point B safely you will need to take care of it.


If you want your body to continue to do the things you love like play golf, tennis, paddle, do things with your kids/grandkids your going to have to treat it a way that helps it, not destroys it further.


Today I want to specifically dial in on the shoulders. They are a big culprit of pain, discomfort, lack of function and strength.


Often times people will just crank on their shoulders and” stretch” them thinking that is all they need to help them.


If you find yourself doing the same thing over and over again and getting the same results maybe it’s time to switch things up. Maybe instead of cranking on your shoulder at end ranges of motion its time to start building strength and control through your shoulder.


Here are a few of my favorite shoulder exercises we use at Core Principles to help people build healthy and happy shoulders so they can do the things they love.


½ Kneeling Shoulder Articulation (Improves range of motion)

Wall Supported Band Overhead Reach (Improves range of motion)

Bottoms Up modified arm bar (Helps strengthen stability)

Bottoms Up Double KB Squat (Helps strengthen stability)


Just like everything else in this world, when you want to change something, consistency is important. Doing these exercises once and expecting a big change is just not realistic. Aim to add this into your daily routine or during your workouts. Use them as an active rest between more strenuous lifts.


An example workout of this would be:


Power: 3sets

Long jump x 5

Ball slam x 8

Wall supported overhead reach x 5E

Strength: 3 sets

Push-up x 10

KB Deadlift x 10

Bottoms up Modified Arm Bar x 4E


For more on program, check out my previous blog on how to design a program.


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-Coach Pat

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