Holiday Party Survival Checklist

Party time!!!!!!!! Other than sounding like Snookie from the Jersey Shore. It’s that time of the season again, where little kids are better than usual, people are nicer (except in parking lots), and we all have a holiday party (or two) to attend.


This is where we tend to let loose and unwind from all the pent up stress the year has brought us. As a result we tend to over-consume and let our binge-ing habits get the best of us. If not careful, you might feel like you have fallen off your health and wellness goals.


The point of those holiday parties is to have fun, not feel bad about what you did and did not do. So in an effort to kick ass and rock those parties without feeling badly about your choices, I have put together a checklist of 4 things you can do before or at the party to stay on track and not feel bad about what you did.


#1: Eat a small plate of food before you head to the party.


Such a game changer if you allow it to be. By eating something small, you get the choice in what you consume before hand and are less likely to eat the things that don’t match your health and wellness goals. If you do partake, you will most likely consume less of that thing and feel more full quickly. If you don’t have the ability to eat something beforehand, just make sure when at the party, you try and eat plenty of veggies and protein, right off the bat, so you can give the body what it needs.



#2: Drink 1 glass of water for every alcoholic beverage.


Alcohol, while a social lubricant, is often high calories. On top of that it’s easy to over do it, especially around the holiday season. So for every alcoholic beverage, try and have a glass of water in between. Not only will it curb the excessive alcohol, it will also keep you more hydrated, which will make you feel great the following morning.



#3 Limit the Alcohol consumed, 1-2 during the night.


We’ve all been there, where we have pushed the limits of our alcohol consumption. The purpose of that holiday party is to have a good time, not turn it into a rager. After all, you don’t want to be that person who ended up consuming too much and as a result, did something that upset anyone. So, try and limit your consumption to 1-2. Try this….. Start out and set a timer on your phone for 30-45 minutes and look to finish that drink within that amount of time. Then do it for the second one. If the party is 3-4 hours, you will be able to consume for the first two and then sober up for the last couple of hours.

#4 Don’t beat yourself up (have some compassion for yourself)
Parties can get the best of us. It is easy to get caught up in the fun and excitement of the night and then let the food and drinks follow as a result. If you do go overboard (whatever that looks like to you). Don’t stress, get back on track the next day and focus on all the positives that you have in your life. Hitting the fuck it button is not what you need at that moment. Take it slow and just try and figure out a plan for the next party, so you stay in control and can also partake in the fun.


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