How A Broken Leg Changed Peter’s Life For The Better

You probably have heard us talk about making small incremental changes over a long period of time. We have mentioned that those changes will help you build habits that last a lifetime and make real change.


It probably makes sense logically, but may be hard to imagine at times when your “end goal” seems so far away.


To help you envision that I want to tell you a story about a client and the amazing change he made prior to working with us.


Meet Peter.

Peter started working with us at the beginning of October. However the progress Peter has made in the past 2 and a half months is nothing compared to the change Peter made on his own.
This is not to discredit his progress here, but the things he was able to work on independently are so amazing.
To give you a little background Peter was never huge into working out, focusing on his nutrition, or being active.
(Peter before he broke his leg)
Unfortunately one day Peter broke his leg pretty severely. So bad that he needed surgery. Peter was on bed rest for sometime and could not really do anything
Although Peter did not work out formally, he was still up, walking and moving around prior to breaking his leg. He knew that his activity level would decrease being on bed rest.
Peter decided to make a small change, he decided that if he was not going to be up and walking he was not going to have his danish with breakfast. That’s all he started with, simply not having a Danish at breakfast.
From there he cut out his afternoon snack, then evening cookies and cake.

Peter would focus on one changing one thing, continually trying to “tighten the screws” and improve his healthy habits one step at a time.


Peter openly admits that his goal at first was not to lose weight; he just knew that what he was eating was not the healthiest.


Then once he saw that he started to lose some weight he was encouraged even more to make changes.


In total, Peter lost 50lbs on his own, but more importantly changed his lifestyle. He is extremely active, eats a balanced diet of protein, vegetables, carbohydrates, and healthy fat.

(Peter after making changes to his life)
More importantly, however, Peter still allows himself to enjoy the foods he loves every now and then.
He does not deprive himself but knows how to stay on track.
Peters story is an inspiration to everyone and he proves that small incremental changes are more important than quick fixes.
Let’s all give Peter a round of applause for his hard work, determination, and positive attitude!
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