How A Successful Business Owner Navigates Life’s Challenges

Whether you know it or not we all have habits and daily routines embedded so deep in our brain we do things without even thinking. Nutrition and lifestyle habits are deep down in there after years and years of doing certain things.


In order to conserve energy our body tries to make things as simple as possible for us, we can pretty much eat a full meal while doing something else and not pay any attention to how we are eating.


If we want to make some changes to our habits and routines it will require some conscious effort and mental lifting. This may be easier when we don’t have a ton of things going on in our life and can invest some of our mental energy into changing our habits.


It is a little harder when life presents you with challenges. The keyword there is harder, not impossible!


Today I want to share a story with you about how one successful business owner is able to navigate his challenges and continue on the path to success.


Meet Bruce!


Bruce joined Core Principles back in April.
When Bruce joined he knew that he had some more time on his hands now that his son is starting to take over his business, he knew that it had been years that he has done something for himself and that he needed to get in better shape so he could live a long and happy life doing the things he loves like play golf and spend time with his family at their house down in the Carolina’s.
In the first few weeks of working out, Bruce started to feel things that he has not felt in years, muscles working, breaking a sweat, and feeling a little discomfort from working hard. Bruce did not let that hold him back, he knew that if he continued to work hard and smart his body would only get stronger.
After a few weeks of being here and feeling like the exercise has become a habit, Bruce knew that in order to see greater change he would need to focus on his nutrition.
After talking Bruce decided to join our New Age Nutrition Club. There was only one hang-up, the first week the program started Bruce was going to be traveling to Italy for a wedding. It could have been easy for him to say “you know what now is not the right time.”, but he didn’t because there will never be a perfect time.
Bruce put on his game face, traveled to Italy and still focused on what he could while he was away. He still enjoyed that delicious pasta over in Italy (I know I’m jealous too!) but he focused on eating slowly and walking more than he normally would while home.
Next on Bruce’s agenda is spending some time down at his house down south. If we imagine being home in the environment you are most comfortable on one side of the spectrum, and being in Italy on the opposite side of the spectrum I would put a vacation home somewhere in the middle. It will be easier to make a smarter decision than Italy, but harder to make a smarter decision than at home. Again Bruce knew this going into our nutrition program but did not use it as an excuse.
With the help of the program and his coach Bruce is going to continue to nail it, and get better each and every day.
We all can probably come up with a few different reasons why now is not the right time to work on our fitness and nutrition and push it off to a later date. I challenge you to switch your mindset and look at those obstacles as a way to get better. If you are able to travel to Italy and continue to work on your nutrition think about how easy it is going to be when you get home. Take those challenges head-on and continue to grow.
Life is always going to present obstacles, that is why we created a nutrition program that does not rely on strict rules, and with the help of your coach can help modify based on what is going on in your life at that specific moment.
If you are ready to change your life and need a little help we are here for you. If you are interested in learning more about how our fitness and nutrition coaching can help you shed pounds, fit better into your clothes, and increase your energy please send us an email to or call/text us @ 203-914-6396.
-Coach Pat

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