How Busy Moms And Dads Get Strong While Spending Less Time At The Gym

With spring right around the corner, many people start getting busier and start spending some more time outside. Spending time with the family outside, playing recreational sports like golf, and tennis, or going for hikes. All of those things are great and we encourage everyone to get outside and get some vitamin D, but it is still important to continue to strength train. Continuing to build strength or just maintaining the strength you have will help you do all of the things you love.


During the spring and summer, it is very common for people to spend a little less time at the gym with everything they have going on. That is okay as long as you continue to do something on your own.


To make things easier and not leave anything up to chance we have created a workout you can do at home with simply one kettlebell. We know that having a plan makes it much easier than randomly throwing a bunch of exercises to gather as you go.


Today I want to show you one of March off-day workouts called Sip Of Sunshine.


The format for this workout is pretty simple. Aim for 15-30 minutes (after a warm-up) and get as many rounds in as you can. Keep in mind though that rest is super important and you should be taking some rest as you go.


This workout includes 5 different movements. For each movement, we give you two options, one that is a little easier and one that is a little harder. The first option is always the easier one. You pick what is best for you and feel free to switch it up during the workout if you start getting fatigued.


Check out the video below for the full workout.


Here is the workout. Pick one from each section, green is a little easier and blue is a little harder.


Remember let’s focus on good enough not perfect.
Give it a shot and let us know how it goes.
-Coach Pat

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