How do you handle holiday partys?

We are in the season of holiday parties, and that means treats. This normal the time of the year, you find your self close to a co-worker at an event eating snacks for 2 hours while holding a cocktail. Maybe good for work relationships but not so good for your health and how you feel. 


So how do you keep the pounds off during the holidays There are a few simple tricks you can use to helping keep your self in order while attending a holiday party. These are REALISTC, we are all humans, and we Definity want you to enjoy your self.
3 SIMPLE tips to keep your self in order to during the party.
These are some super easy tips that i use all the time. Some nights I say i drank at the last party so I won’t have any wine or anything at this one.
If you have any questions about your eating habits or not happy with how you feel, then enjoy the holidays, and let’s get to work. 

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