How Important Is Your Health and Wellness?

It is easy to say you want to lose weight, change your body composition, get strong and increase your health. It is also easy to come up with excuses as to why you can’t reach your goals.


You can blame life, your body, your environment, your genetics and whatever else you want to. At the end of the day we are all busy, yes some more than others, but you have control over what you make a priority in your life. If your health and wellness are a priority you have to make time for them.


Today I want to share a story about how one of our clients does not make excuses and finds a way to get things done.


Meet Maggie!


She joined Core Principles back in September. She wants to get strong, stay healthy and continue to live life the way she wants too.
On top of the hard work Maggie has been putting in at the gym she has been working very hard on her habits outside of the gym.
One of the habits Maggie has been absolutely nailing is planning and preparing her meals.
I can guarantee you that this is not something that just comes easy to Maggie. It took her time and practice to develop this habit.
She is able to do it consistently because of how important it is to her. She is a busy mom with a full-time job and does not have a ton of free time on her hands. She knows that if she makes preparing her food and her family’s food a priority it will help her reach her goals faster.
Maggie looks at more than just the food, she knows that if she prepares a meal her family will sit down and eat it together which is super important to her. Her why is much deeper than just weight loss.
So next time you feel like you don’t have time to plan and prep I challenge you to stop and think about Maggie. Take the time too think about your priorities in life and see where you have some room to move things around.
If you need help setting up a clear meal planning and prepping strategy I am here to help. Send an email to or give me a call @ 203-914-6396.
-Coach Pat

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