How Much Is Too Much?

Have you ever been in pain before? Chances are you have dealt with some back, shoulder, knee or some type of pain before. If you have not good for you, whatever you are doing keep doing it!


So if you have been in pain before I bet you don’t want to go back to that feeling and want to avoid anything that may lead to that pain.


It is logical to think, “I don’t want to lift heavy weights because if I lift too heavy I will get hurt again” Even though it makes sense to think like that today I want to explain why you should try to get away from that mindset.


I was inspired to write this blog based on a conversation I had with some clients yesterday.


Yesterday during one of our sessions one of our rockstar clients was lifting an impressive 175lbs on the Hex Bar. 


Another rockstar was impressed as he watched her move all of this weight. He was curious as to how much weight she had in her hand and then was wondering if it was too much. Out of curiosity, I began to ask why he thought it was too much and he was simply concerned that she may get hurt.
I began to explain why we can’t just say things are too heavy without any context or understanding of how strong someone is. Weights must be heavy enough where it is a struggle for us but not too heavy where we get hurt.
To be completely honest with you if you are using weights that are too easy for you and not heavy you are just wasting your time in the gym.
Heavy is completely relative to you and your body, what is heavy for one person might not be so heavy for another person, no matter what they look like.
This is the ideal place you want to be when working out, and although it might take some time to find everyone will get there at some point.
Injuries do not always happen because of lifting something too heavy. Sometimes injuries happen for the strangest reasons, there could be a time where you go down to tie your shoe or pick up a pencil and throw out your back.
Was the pencil too heavy for you to pick up?
Now I know I am not a doctor but I do know pain is a weird thing and does not always make sense.
And remember “heavy” is going to be different for everyone.
-Coach Pat

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