How One Mom Overcame Her Fear Of The Gym

When was the last time you really stepped out of your comfort zone? The last time you got that feeling like your stomach dropped and you could barely speak?


For me, it was just this past weekend at a professional conference in Providence Rhode Island.


It was only a conference of about 100 people all of whom were gym owners, managers, or trainers but for me, it was very uncomfortable. It took me a lot just to have a small conversation with the person next to me.


In contrast, many of you reading this might feel like the gym is the place where you simply feel very uncomfortable and don’t know what to do.


Here at Core Principles, we understand that the gym can be an intimidating place for a lot of people, and while us coaches feel comfortable in the gym we make sure to place ourselves in situations where we are uncomfortable to understand how you feel.


Meet Shawn!


Shawn first joined Core Principles back in September. When Shawn first started we did a few private sessions to get rolling and get comfortable in the gym. You could tell that with each session she was getting more comfortable with the exercises but also just being in the gym environment.


Now it was time to have Shawn transition into our semi-private training, it was normal that Shawn was a little nervous but we knew she was ready for it or else we would not have suggested it for her.


The first day of semi-private was here and like everyone Shawn was uncomfortable in a new environment. Every time Shawn was in the gym in the past it was just her and either myself or Haylin and that’s about it. Now there were three other people in the class and one coach running it.


Just to be clear Shawn absolutely nailed it during her first semi-private session, yes she may have been a little quieter and didn’t think that she did as “good” as she did but she did great!


The really amazing part of this story is to see how far Shawn has come since her first session. It has only been about 2 months but if you saw Shawn today it would look as if she has been here for a year!


Shawn shows up 20-30 minutes early consistently to get on the treadmill, she is now dancing around during the workouts, laughing, joking with other members and having a great time.


Core Principles is the only gym in Stamford for superhero’s 50+ to workout, get strong, feel confident in their skin, and meet some great friends.


If you are looking for a gym that prides itself on building a positive community Core Principles is exactly what you are looking for.


For more information about our programs please send an email to


or give us a call/text @ 203-914-6396.


-Coach Pat

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