How To Diet During The Holidays (Don’t).

We are in the throws of the 2022 holiday season and with that, comes:

LOTS of food. More sweets, alcohol, and parties!

This can lead to…

More grazing/snacking and overindulging with food and alcohol. (#BeMerry) and all the feelings that come with the increased intake.

I get asked the question “how do I eat during the holidays?” by many of my 1:1 clients. they are often worried about how a vacation or holiday will affect their progress.

But in the long term, what matters most to your progress is consistency. We are not looking for perfection, but we also don’t want to completely forget about listening to our bodies just because of the holiday.

You can still make meaningful progress during the holidays without cutting desserts and alcohol and working out a ton.

This time can be used to recharge our minds and make memories with friends and family. These are equally important to your health that can sometimes be forgotten!

So what is the balance we are looking for here?

Check out this week’s video to find out how to NOT diet during the holidays.



If you want to know how I switched my approach from extreme swings of dieting after a month of holiday over-indulging, watch my video



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