How to do everything better (seriously)

What’s your superpower?

You definitely have at least one, and chances are you have several (some you might not be aware of yet)!

You need SO MANY amazing everyday superpowers to get through the day and I bet you take most for granted: teaching, parenting, listening, cooking, music, athletics, or offering advice.

You might be exceptionally organized, a time management guru, a financial wizard, a fitness freak, or maybe your home is spotless 24/7. You get the picture.

And yet, there are probably at least a few things you struggle with. Parts of life that you really want to improve.


Once you’ve gotten great at ONE thing, you already know how to get great at ANYTHING. The recipe is the same: intention, attention, practice, and time.  Even if it’s a habit you’re not proud of, it still took focus, attention, practice and time to build!


But you also have to add an extra ingredient when you’re trying to develop a new superpower… especially because your human brain wants to keep you comfortable.


You have to work on your MINDSET. That’s the secret sauce!


Trying to muscle through being “disciplined”  or relying on “will power” just doesn’t work. 


Now I’m not talking about some woo woo sitting around a campfire and singing chants kind of mindset stuff.


Your mindset is like a seedling that requires daily attention until it takes root: you have to add just enough water, fertilizer and sun, while protecting it from wind and harsh elements.


How do you do that?


You feed your mind with inspiration, motivation and spend time around others who already do what you’re looking to do.


That could mean reading articles, watching videos, building a support system (in person or online), listening to audiobooks or podcasts.  Then you need to take action.  Even the smallest action daily is sufficient to build the bedrock of a habit. 


And over time, with focus, attention, and practice, you’ll master your new superpower. (Just like you did with all of the other things you rock at.) 


You must believe that what you’re working on will add real value to your life, otherwise the fear, doubt, hopelessness will win out in your mind. Your perspective is one of the few things that you have complete control of. 


Did you or someone you know workout because they had to burn off yesterday’s calories? That forced approach, that form of punishment will never win long term. If you believe exercise is the tool to unlock your health, to bring you energy, the training ground for other challenges that come up in life you will keep going. 


Need some ideas? Check out:


If you’re trying to lose weight, gain muscle, or generally get in better shape, make sure you’re feeding yourself with nutrition and fitness inspiration as often as possible. 


Spending time with others who YOU deem healthy, have lost weight and are in good shape is one of the most powerful actions you can take to reinforce your goals and your determination.


Joining a tribe of like minded people who are on a quest to get better may seem nerve wracking at first, but it’s a power movert. You can do this, and we got your back.

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