How to Eat While on Vacation

As Summer is wrapping up, and people are going on the last of their vacations before fall, I wanted to share something that often comes up in conversations with my clients.

How do I eat while I am on vacation?
Many people who are working on their eating skills don’t want to completely lose all of their progress and hard work after a week of indulgence.
Maybe you’ve been there: you want to enjoy yourself and the loved ones you are with, maybe eat some delicious food and relax, but you don’t want to feel guilty for not sticking to your program.
Or maybe you take more of a permissive approach, saying “I am on vacation, screw that eating plan or my health goals! I am going to enjoy it!”

Well, my friends, that is why I LOVE eating skills because we can make them fit into your real life.  And real-life INCLUDES vacation!

One of my favorite things to say to clients is “I know that you have a life you want to live outside of keeping an eye on your nutrition!”

So, together, we look for balance.


We don’t want to take on that all-or-nothing attitude, even when it comes to vacations.

We can identify your values around eating AND life.

Your values might include taking care of yourself by eating lots of whole foods and staying active, and not overeating at meals.

Your values might also include, enjoying foods that are delicious and more calorie dense, indulging in treats, and drinking a cocktail with friends on the beach.

The point is, what feels best for YOU?

We don’t have to be all health-focused nor all indulgence-focused.

If you want to learn how to strike this balance for yourself, check out this week’s video.


If you are tired of coming home from vacation feeling guilty about your choices and hearing those “diet thoughts”, click the video HERE.


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