How to Slimdown this Summer and Feel Confident Rocking Those Denim Shorts

Summer is officially here! Yay!!


Except for some of us it’s not a season we look forward to because we’re forced to bare it all, put on a swimsuit or shorts and feel uncomfortable because they don’t fit like they used to. I think every woman has felt that way at one point or another. Even though I’m in a great shape the past couple weeks my schedule has been pretty hectic, and I let my diet slip a little. When I put on my bathing suit for the first time this season, I too, felt a little self-conscious.


So what do we do now that the Summer is here, 90 degree weather is approaching and last year’s pair of white shorts feels a little too tight around the hips?


At Core Principles we have a Summer Slim-down strategy that will get you feeling fabulous in as little as 4 weeks. It involves a little exercise,  nutrition, supportive community and the outlook you have on your body and self-image.
If you need a little extra help, want to get strong, slimdown, get your confidence back and improve your health and well-being, check out our new 4 Week SuperYou Program for Women HERE and sign up before July 9 or email us at 

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