How To Stay On Track This Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is almost here! If you’re like me you love Thanksgiving. It is a time where you get to relax, spend time with the family, watch some football, drink some beer and have some delicious food!


Thanksgiving is a time when people generally eat too much and regret it later. We all know that feeling of eating a huge thanksgiving dinner and going to the couch to take a little nap before eating dessert.


In the spirit of the holidays I want to share with you three of the biggest tips to help you stay on track this Thanksgiving while still enjoying yourself.


Tip #1


Fill up on veggies and protein


Tip #2 Match Every Alcoholic Drink with Water

Tip #3 Save Room For Dessert


Those are my three tips to help you enjoy your Thanksgiving Day.


If you are going to completely ignore everything I just said that is fine, but please follow this one last tip.


Don’t let “Thanksgiving Day “ turn into Thanksgiving weekend. Enjoy yourself on Thursday and get back to your great habits on Friday!


Do not fall for the “Screw it effect” and go crazy all weekend!


I wish you all a happy and wonderful Thanksgiving. I know I am thankful everyday to have such an amazing job working with wonderful people who all just want to get 1% better every day.


-Coach Pat

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