how to stop being a “Stress Eater”

Ever notice how your emotions can impact the way you eat?


This is a question I ask anyone who wants to work with me because this can look different for each person.
Some people don’t notice any relation between emotions and their eating.
Some people STOP eating entirely if they are too stressed out.
(BTW, this can worsen their stress because their bodies don’t have the energy to carry out daily functions!)
However, the vast majority of people I have worked with learned to cope with their stress by eating more. A LOT MORE. AKA: Eating Your Feelings.

What about you? Which category do you notice yourself falling under?

Life can be hard and sometimes stress is inevitable. So what are some OTHER ways we can cope with the stress that maybe don’t involve food? For sure food can be a reliable way to distract us from our stress, but it’s temporary at best.
You may remember this in moments of stress: “if hunger isn’t the issue, food isn’t the answer.”

Additionally, what if there were ways we could PREVENT the distress we are feeling altogether and let food just be food?

I am no stranger to feeling distressed, whether from poor planning, procrastination, or my classic: over-committing myself. YIKES
BUT, I am thankful to say, I am on my way to learning how to *prevent* stress, AND prevent stress eating.

That’s what this week’s video is all about. Ways to prevent stress and, in turn, stress eating. Check it out!


Are you a stress eater and want to learn ways to manage it better?

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